7 hacks to help you avoid camera shake

Working hard to take shots only to have them come out blurry can be frustrating after all the effort you went through. Fortunately, there are several ways to get around taking blurry shots. Here are 7 hacks to help you avoid camera shake.
Avoiding shaky shots can be tricky when just starting out in photography. Practice using all the hacks below until you feel comfortable taking crisp shots. Or, practice one until you master it for the perfect shot.
1. Use a tripod
If you have the funds, invest in a sturdy tripod. Tripods work great when you don't have to move around much during your shot. Move the settings around on your camera to your liking, place the camera on your tripod and you will be ready to go.
2. Knee tripod
If you don't have a tripod on hand, don't worry. There are several ways to hold a camera to avoid taking blurry pictures. You can use your knee as a sort of tripod. You need to be sitting on the ground with one knee up. Rest the elbow of your hand holding the lens on your knee, with your other handing holding the camera.
3. Elbows
Use both your elbows for this technique. One hand should be holding the camera while the other hand is steadying the lens. Keep both elbows in while taking shots. Don't forget to exhale before hitting the button to further help avoid camera shake.
4. On the ground
Lay on the ground for low shots. To keep out any blurry photos, place the hand that usually holds the lens flat underneath the lens. To bring up the lens even more, hold your hand in a fist.
5. Bursts
You can also set your camera on burst mode to take a bunch of shots without continuously holding the shutter button down. This is great to do for shots where subjects are constantly moving around. Some might come out blurry, but taking enough of these should produce some sharp images as well.
6. Use a remote
Using a cable release is another great way to avoid camera shake. These are great to use when you don't have to move around or continually set up too much. These are also great to use when you can take a bunch of shots on a tripod. Just set the camera up on the tripod and shoot away.
7. Live view
Set you camera to live view. Live view is great when you are taking long exposures. In this setting, the mirror in your camera won't move, which further helps reduce camera shake.

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