How to make terra cotta votive candles

Mini terra cotta pots are adorable. In fact, it would be no surprise if you've collected a stash of them because their cute appearance draws your attention every time that you go to the craft store. What do you do with that collection other than filling the pots with plants? This DIY candle project is the perfect answer.
You can actually use any small vessel to make a candle following these instructions. If you want a larger candle, simply upgrade the sizes of the materials to suit the size of your vessel. Although we haven't included instructions for it here, you could also add citronella or essential oils of your choosing to create a scented candle. Simply add that after completing step six in the instructions below.
- Duct tape
- Scissors
- 2" tall terra cotta pot
- 6" pre-waxed, pre-tabbed cotton wick
- Clothespin
- 200 ml of melted candle wax flakes
- 6" jute twine
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1. Cut 1" piece of duct tape from roll.
2. Cut approximately 1/3 of that piece off to use in this project.
3. Press the duct tape into the bottom center of the terra cotta pot, completely covering the hole in the pot's center.
4. Set your pre-waxed, pre-tabbed cotton wick down in the center of the pot, atop the duct tape.
5. Clip the smallest hole of the clothespin around the top of the wick. Allow the clothespin to sit horizontally across the top of the terra cot pot. This secures it in the center of what is about to become your candle.
6. Pour 200 ml of melted candle wax flakes into the terra cotta pot surrounding the wick. You may not need all of the liquid. Stop pouring if the liquid gets too close to the rim.
7. Allow the wax to solidify.
8. Remove the clothespin.
9. Tie jute string in a bow around the terra cotta pot, just below the rim. Snip off any extra length that is not needed.
10. Light your candle and enjoy the glow.
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