5+ impressive crafts made with felt that you should try

Felt is a very common material in a crafter's toolbox. It's easy to cut, glue and mold to different shapes, plus it comes in all different colors. The best part? It is incredibly cheap, usually only costing cents per sheet.
If you have some of this convenient DIY material hanging around without any idea of what to do with it, check out these stunning and easy crafts below.
Felt flowers
Flowers are an effective way to add some color to any room, but they typically don't last very long. With these felt flowers, you don't have to worry about dying plants. The bonus? They are easily customizeable so you can pick any color that will complement the rest of the decor.
Felt coffee cozy
The worst way to start a morning might be taking the first sip of coffee when you get to work, only to find it has already gotten cold. With this DIY project, you won't have to worry about cold coffee, plus you get the bonus of having a super cute coffee cup. If you want a simpler design, try easy-to-create shapes such as hearts or stars.
Felt leaf garland
This garland is an absolutely stunning way to add some "green" to your home. This garland can be used again and again for gatherings or parties, unlike a garland made of real flowers. Although this craft may seem tedious, it is actually very simple because all the leaves get tied onto the twine. Once all the leaves are attached, all you need is a few dots of glue on the flowers, and the garland is finished.
Felt succulents
Succulents have become popular because they are a low-maintenance plant that still looks adorable. If you don't have a green thumb, try creating one of these felt succulents instead. The key to this DIY project? Painting the edges of the felt leaves. This gives the succulent a more realistic look.
Felt wreath
This felt wreath is a sweet and whimsical piece of decor. The soft pink flowers mixed with the different colors of green give this craft the perfect amount of girly flair without being over the top. Pro tip: Stack multiple squares of felt on top of one another before cutting out the leaves. This allows you to cut multiple leaves at one time instead of having to cut out each leaf individually.
Turn popsicle sticks into bracelets
Make stylish bracelets to match your popsicle stick earrings. Nobody will guess you crafted such cute accessories from craft sticks.
Distressed farmhouse tray
The project featured in the video below turns a boring set of brown tables into unique modern, country pieces. You'll need to sand down the surface of these tables before repainting and decorating. Don't be afraid to personalize them with your favorite quotes.
Upcycle an old tie into a scarf
Put old ties to good use and enjoy the silky aspect of the fabrics by crafting a beautiful, lightweight scarf that adds an accent to any outfit.
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