7 photography cliches that you should avoid because they are so dated

As a beginner photographer you will want to take as many types of photographs as possible to practice improving your techniques. Unfortunately, many beginners fall into using these photography cliches. Here are 7 photography cliches that you should avoid because they are so dated.
Beginner photographers will want to start by taking photos they are comfortable with and trying out different techniques. Each of the different types of photography below are fine to take, as long as they are not overdone and taken correctly. Let's take a closer look at these overdone photography cliches.
1. Pets, etc.
Everyone loves taking photos of their pets, and other things such as flowers and sunsets. There is nothing wrong with these photos, except that they have been taken way too much. Now, if you can take an excellent photo with a pet, flower or sunset, that is great, but most of these are taken poorly. Practice your technique don't overdo taking these kinds of photos.
2. Vignette
Vignetting can look great as long as its not done too harshly. Some vignetting is a great way to draw the viewer to the center of your photo. Instead of vignetting, try different angles and compositions to draw the viewer into your photograph.
3. Vintage Apps
Many beginning and amateur photographers overdo the vintage look as well. Too much post processing will take away quality from a photo. Practice changing your composition and exposure to get the best photography results.
4. Black and white photos
Black and white has also been overdone in photography. To do this right, you want to put the focus on contrast or form. Colors can really add to photos, by bringing out emotions or thoughts to the viewer. This is hard to do with black and white photos.
5. Unreal lens flair
If you want to take photos with lens flair, do so correctly without faking it. It will look unnatural if added to the photo. Take a shot into the sun at sunset to get a natural lens flair. This will take practice but will look much better in the long run.
6. Huge watermarks
No one wants their photos stolen that they worked so hard to make, but adding a large watermark to a photo takes the focus away from the photo. This is also true for borders around pictures. Keep these simple and small so that the quality of the photo is not taken away from a watermark or border. Add a small watermark to the corner of your photos that does not take attention away from the photographs.
7. Over done HDR
High dynamic range, or HDR, works well as long as its not too overdone. Too much post processing on any photo will make it look fake and unrealistic. A little bit of changes to improve a photo here and there works best, without over saturating a photo with unnecessary added color. This can take practice to achieve.

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