Need to add depth to your photos? Follow these 5 easy tips

If you have been in photography for awhile you should have the basics down, such as lighting and getting sharp images. What about adding depth to your photos? Follow these 5 easy tips to add depth to your photos.
As a beginning photography, adding depth might sound impossible since photography is two dimensional, not three dimensional. There are several things you can do to help create depth in your shots. Let's look at some of these ways below.
1. Frame it
Framing a photo can also help bring depth into the photo, as long as its done correctly. Look for an object or lines to help frame the photo in the foreground. This can help draw viewers in, making them feel like they are part of the shot.
2. Foreground
If you take landscape photos, use the foreground to bring in more depth to your photos. Have something unusual or interesting in the foreground to bring your photo alive to the viewer. Take shots at different angles using the same objects or different parts of the landscape to create depth.
3. Depth of field
Changing your camera's aperture settings can also create depth of field in your photographs. Using a wide aperture will cause your depth of field to be shallow, helping the viewer focus on a subject and blurring out the background. Focusing on one subject is another way to create depth.
4. Shadows
Having shadows in your shots work well when there are subjects to photograph. Adding shadows to portrait photos brings out depth in photos. Utilize a reflector to bring out shadows in your subject's features, adding depth to the overall photo.
5. Lines
Lines also have a way of creating depth in photos. Converging lines can help show distance and movement. These lines are large in the foreground and get smaller as they move farther away. Practice using lines in your photos to see which ones bring in depth.