How to make a necklace from drinking straws

Necklaces are the easiest way to make an outfit go from boring to fabulous in one quick step. By making a necklace you get the added bonus of customizing it to exactly what you want.
Although straws may not be your normal go-to for jewelry making, the results are a chic, tribal-inspired look. Because statement necklaces are often expensive, you can't go wrong with this budget-friendly DIY project. Check out the video and instructions to see how you can make this straw necklace.
- Straws
- Scissors
- Needle-nose pliers
- Heat gun
- Push pin
- Fishing line
- Jewelry clasp
- Chunky beads
- Jump ring
1. Cut the plastic straws on an angle into small pieces.
2. Pick up a piece of straw with needle-nose pliers. Hold the heat gun up to the straw. This will cause the edges to crinkle slightly. Repeat on all straw pieces.
3. Create a hole in a piece of straw with a push pin. Repeat on all straws pieces.
4. Cut off a section of fishing line long enough to hold the straws and the beads you picked out with a little extra.
5. On one end of the fishing line, tie on the jewelery clasp with a knot.
6. String on the chunky beads, followed by all of the straw pieces. End by stringing on more chunky beads.
7. Tie a jump ring onto the end of the fishing line.
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