5 things you should know about aspect ratio

Composition plays a large part in producing great photographs. Its also important to take note of aspect ratio when putting together a composition for a photograph. Here are 5 things you should know about aspect ratio.
Aspect ratio is how the height and width of a shot is connected to each other. Knowing and being aware of your camera's aspect ratio can help you improve your composition in shots. Here are some things to consider about aspect ratio.
1. Different sizes
Know what ratio or ratios your camera comes with. Most digital cameras come with 3:2 and/or 4:3. Even though the difference between the two is small, there is enough of a difference that it can change your composition. You won't want to use the same aspect ratio for a landscape and portrait, for example.
2. Other ratios
There is also the 1:1 square ratio. This is popular for apps like Instagram, but may not transfer well as a print. You can always adjust the image during post processing to change the ratio.
3. Adjustments
With some of the newer digital cameras, you can adjust the ratio before taking photos. JPEG format will cut off part of the image, so keep that in mind if you want to use JPEG. Its best to work in RAW format, so if you want to, you can make changes during post processing.
4. Composition
Aspect ratio can help determine the composition of your photos. Depending on which ratio you use can help you figure out where to place the subject or subjects in your shot, as well as lines and other important parts. Keep in mind what part or parts may be cropped, counting on which ratio you end up using.
5. Cropping
If you can, wait to crop your photos during post processing. Most photography software will have a cropping option. Play around with the cropping option on your software to see the difference in sizes.
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