6 tips for working with continuous autofocus

Maintaining great focus in your photography is of great importance. You want to be able to master focus so that your photos don't come out blurry. Here are 6 tips for working with continuous autofocus.
In theory, autofocus sounds great since its suppose to automatically focus on each shot. The camera doesn't always know where the best place is to focus. Keep in mind the tips below when using continuous autofocus.
1. Single line AF
Single line autofocus (AF) points can focus on vertical or horizontal lines. AF will read either the horizontal or vertical lines based on their location. Horizontal autofocus hones in on the vertical lines, and vertical AF eyes the horizontal lines.
2. Cross point AF
Cross point AF are horizontal lines over the vertical ones. Cross point AF focus on both vertical and horizontal lines, giving it more of a chance to hone in on the right part of the shot. DLSRs have one or more points the AF can focus on for the perfect shot.
3. Changing AF points
With practice, you can change the AF points and still keep an eye on the viewfinder. This works best when using manual AF point selection. Set the autofocus to manual, then pick an AF point from the options that are given. The more you practice, the faster and easier it is to change the autofocus without looking away from your viewfinder.
4. Subjects
Use one-shot autofocus when your subject is not moving in the shot. Use continuous AF once the subject starts to move. Practice switching from one mode to another to get a feel and look for the difference in the quality of shots.
5. AF point selection mode
There are two AF point selection modes on DSLRs. Automatic AF point selection will focus on the closest subject. Single AF point will let you chose which point to focus on in the shot.
6. Composition
If you are just starting out in photography, its perfectly fine to use the center point when utilizing AF for focusing. When getting your composition ready, using this center point may not be the best choice because a change in composition can cause the focus to not be directly on the subject. In this case, pick the AF point that is nearest to the subject.

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