7+ creative DIYs you can make with yarn that don't involve knitting

Not everyone can knit or crochet, but yarn skeins come in such amazing colors and textures that it's hard not to want to do something with them. Instead of looking longingly down the yarn aisle at the craft store, go ahead and pick up a few to make these no-knit crafts.
Some of these projects involve making pom poms with a specialized tool, but anyone can make them with a piece of cardboard and yarn. Place a glass on a piece of cardboard, trace around the bottom and cut out the circle. Cut out a smaller circle in the center of the larger one. Make a 1/4-inch slit through the circle, repeatedly wrapping the yarn around the larger circle and through the small circle, avoiding the slit. Cut through the yarn around the rim. Tie a piece of yarn around the center.
Pendant light
This egg-shaped pendant light casts scattered beams of illumination throughout a room and may be any color desired. Choose a complementary color to match decor, or stick with neutral white for any color scheme.
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An inflated latex balloon is the mold for this project, with Mod Podge applied and hardened over the yarn to keep the yarn's shape. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to remove the balloon from the inside out.
Yarn ball wreath
It looks like a knitting basket -- only hanging. Styrofoam balls wrapped in yarn are glued to a wreath that would look nice on the wall of a craft room.
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This non-holiday wreath can be any color. Choose yarn that complements or contrasts the room in which it will be placed. Use varying sizes of balls for visual interest. The video below demonstrates how to add wood knitting needles as a final touch.
Tassel basket
Add yarn tassels in any color to brighten up a craft or magazine basket. Make them any desired size, and use any type of yarn.
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This craft does not take long, so go ahead and make as many tassels as you want. Add them to a purse, reusable shopping bag or curtains. The video demonstrates how to attach the tassels so no one sees the long yarn from which the tassel hangs.
Pom pom rug
Remember the pom poms that used to adorn the top of every knitted snow hat? Several of them attached to a backing results in a small and fuzzy rug to warm cold toes.
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Believe it or not, craft equipment invented to specifically make pom poms exists. If you can't find one, it's fine to make them the old-fashioned way: Wrap yarn around and between two round pieces of cardboard, then cut the yarn. The tutorial below shows how to attach the pom poms to a base.
Pom pom blanket
Snuggle up on a cold night under a warm blanket embellished with pom poms. Attach them to just one end or all the way around the perimeter.
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Handmade pom poms of any color dress up a lap blanket. Use more than one color for a rainbow effect, or use only one or two tones for a more cohesive look. Watch the video below for color ideas and to learn how to attach the pom poms to the blanket.
Tassel pillow
Multicolored tassels add simple and fun touches to a plain decorative pillow. Just make sure to turn the pillow over to rest your head on it, as the tassels' knots might be uncomfortable.
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This project involves attaching tassels to a pillowcase and not to the actual pillow itself. This makes it easy to hide where the tassels are held in place. Use the color scheme shown in the video below, or use any colors that complement or contrast the pillowcase color.
Decorative wall hanging
This is the ultimate no-knit project. Yarn, a dowel and a couple of basic crafting tools are all you need to create a wall hanging that doubles as art and a conversation piece.
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This project does take a little time to make, but the final result is worth it. Use any color combination to create a piece to match room decor. The video below shows how to attach the tassels to the hanging yarn to make it look like they are floating.

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