Collect some rocks from outside and copy these 5+ DIY ideas

Rocks can be a pain (such as when you have to pick them off your lawn so they don't damage your mower), but they can also be the perfect material for adorable DIY projects. The bonus? They are completely free.
Don't have a backyard or a surplus of rocks laying around? You can head to a craft store and buy river rocks. Although not free, they are incredibly cheap, and you won't have to miss out on the following amazing rock DIY projects. Check out the vidoes below to get started.
Rock candles
Everyone needs some extra "zen" in their life, and these candles are a creative way to help achieve it. With their spa-like look, these candles are ideal for any room that needs some added tranquillity. Pro tip: Use painters tape when securing the rocks while they dry. If you use something with too much grip, such as duct tape, it will be difficult to remove.
Bath mat
This DIY project will give your bathroom a more modern look. In the video, the crafter glues lighter rocks around the outside edge, followed by darker rocks, creating a distinct border. If you want your mat to have a more natural look, simply use a mix of colors throughout. Pro tip: Only pour out small amounts of glue at a time as it dries super quickly.
Don't have a green thumb? Then this is the perfect DIY project for you. Cacti are super cute, but they are even better when they don't require any maintenance. Don't forget to add the little flowers to the rock cactus as they make it look more realistic. Once the rock cactus is in its little pot and surrounded by rocks, you may even be able to fool people into thinking it's real.
Garden markers
For this project, all you need is some basic artistic skills to create adorable garden markers. If you are planting a vegetable garden, garden markers are a must so you can remember where everything has been planted. Feel free to add the names of the vegetables on top of the vegetable paintings (as shown in the video) or, if you would rather have the cute painted vegetables speak for themselves, opt out of painting on the names.
Tic tac toe
This adorable DIY project is ideal for the backyard or when camping. Although the gold is super chic, you can customize tic tac toe rocks to be whatever color you like best. The best part? If you lose a game piece you can just paint yourself another one.
Cupcake stand
The following terra-cotta project can really complement any occasion. This is a really fun way to display cupcakes in a festive way. Check out the video below to see this project come to life.
Express your love of gardening and plants in a fun way. This wreath, made with tiny clay terra-cotta pots, is charming and whimsical, and definitely a conversation starter.
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