Take gorgeous flower photos like a pro by following these 5+ tips

Maybe you have garden you want to show off or just enjoy taking photos of flowers. There is a right and wrong way to do so, just like anything else in photography. Take gorgeous flower photos like a pro by following these 5+ tips.
Taking photos of flowers can be done indoors our outside. Today, we are just going to focus on outdoor flower photography. Keep in mind these tips next time you feel the urge to take flower photos.
1. Water
Water drops add a neat dimension to flower photos. If you live in a dry area, take a water spray outside with you and add the water yourself. Take plenty of close ups with water on the flowers at varying angles to get the most out of these types of photos.
2. Insects
Insects are also great to add to your composition of flowers, or even if you are just using one flower. Try to take photographs with insects on flowers in the morning if you can. They will be less likely to fly away then because of the cold.
3. Macro lens
To get some great closeups of flowers, take a macro lens with you. You can also use extension tubes if you don't have a macro lens. You can get really close up without losing details or sharpness with these lenses without losing the quality of the scene.
4. Angles
Play around with angles to get the best composition of the flowers or flower you are shooting. This can also change the background as well. You might want to bring along different colored backgrounds and see which ones work best for your composition.
5. Shallow depth of field
Since you will be closing in on the flowers, use a shallow depth of field to keep the flowers in focus with a blurry background. Use a large aperture like f/2.8 or f/4. If you can, use a telephoto lens to get even sharper image.
6. Overcast day
Try to schedule your flower shoot on an overcast day. Too much light from the sun will make the shots too bright. An overcast day brings in the perfect, soft light you want in your photos, without the bright light or shadows a sunny day can bring.

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