Take stunning overhead shots by utilizing these 6+ tips

Are you looking for a way to stand out as a photographer? Try your hand at taking overhead shots. Take stunning overhead shots by utilizing these 6+ tips.
Taking overhead shots is a great way to get a different view of a subject. Its also a great way to change up your composition. Keep these tips in mind to create great overhead shots.
1. Height
Get as high as you can to get the most, or all of your subject in your shot. You don't need to get fancy and use a crane, but find something you can stand on. This can be a ladder, chair, stairs, a tree, or another tall object.
2. Light
Use as much natural light as you can. Open up windows, or try to shoot outside on a cloudy day. If you have a portable light, keep it far enough away from the camera to be able to light most of the scene up.
3. Aperture
Use a small aperture to bring out tiny details in your overhead shots. This works well if you are shooting food on a table or other small objects from overhead without losing any detail.
4. Exposure
Use a meter to best determine what kind of exposure to use for these overhead shots. If you are close enough to use lights, set up a flash meter. You may want to add more lights to balance the exposure out based on what you are shooting.
5. Wide angle lens
Use a wide angle lens for these types of shots. The field of view will become wider with a shallow depth of field. You don't necessarily have to shoot from far to get a dramatic composition with a wide angle lens.
6. Use shapes
Find shapes you can shoot from overhead to add to your composition. This can be the tops of mugs, a square plate filled with food, or a combination of shaped items. Use your imagination and change around the objects to find other shapes to use.
7. Quiet down the busy
Quiet down a busy scene by changing the composition. Get far enough away and up to shoot busy scenes that can be simplified based on where and how you shoot them. If you can, rearrange or take away objects from the scene as well.

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