Grab those empty canvases. Turn them into stunning DIYs with these 6+ ideas

Canvases aren't just for paint. This series of videos shows some creative ways to turn a blank canvas into art using string, alcohol ink and a whole lot more.
The best part about these crafts is that you don't have to be born an artist to create a work of art worthy of displaying with pride in your home. Bonus: All of these projects can be done very cheaply using a regular, budget-priced canvas.
String art on canvas
String art is a cute and simple way to create a piece of art that doesn't require much artistic talent. Typically, string art involves wood, nails and a hammer. With this simple string art DIY project, however, no hammer is necessary because the string art is done on canvas.
Paint with alcohol ink on canvas
Have you ever used alcohol inks? If you haven't, it's time to give them a try. They're even prettier than watercolors, and anyone can use them to make all sorts of beautiful and colorful paintings. If you're not sure what you'd like to paint, the following video tutorial is an appropriate place to start.
DIY embroidered canvas
Canvas is an excellent material to embroider, yet we usually think of it as a paint-only zone. This project is so creative, it makes us want to get out our embroidery needles ASAP.
DIY photo canvas
Did you know you can make a photo canvas? The next time you take a photo you want to put display, you don't need to send it in or pay big bucks. Check out how easy this is to do with the help of the video below.
Hand-lettered map
If paint is not your favorite medium to work with, this project will make you do a happy dance. All you need is a canvas, a map, a permanent marker and – you guessed it – Mod Podge.
Hand-lettered watercolor canvas
If you're digging the watercolor trend, watch the technique in the following video. It will guide you through the steps to make a hand-lettered canvas that rivals the expensive boutique variety.

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