How to make a felt coffee cozy

If you are a coffee lover, then a coffee cozy is a must. Not only does it keep coffee warmer for longer, but it also dresses up an ordinary, boring disposable cup.
Also appropriate as a gift, this DIY project uses felt, a cheap and easily accessible material, to create a unique coffee cozy. To get started on this adorable project, check out the instructions and video for a step-by-step guide.
- Cardstock
- Felt in various colors
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Sewing pins
- Marker
- Hot glue gun
- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Button
- Elastic cord
1. Wrap a piece of cardstock around a coffee cup, measuring the circumference of the cup. Cut off any excess cardstock. This will be used as a template.
2. Using a ruler, measure the cardstock so it will correctly fit the coffee cup you want the cozy to fit.
3. Lay two pieces of blue felt on top of one another. Pin them together with sewing pins.
4. Lay the cardstock template on top of the blue felt pieces. With a marker, trace the template and cut it out. You may have to remove the pins as you cut. Remove all pins once you are finished.
5. Cut out all felt pieces that will make up the image on the coffee cozy. You will need black pieces for the top of the head, the beak and the eye; white pieces for the head, wings and belly; grey and dark grey pieces for the eye and the wings in varying shapes; a brown piece for the branch that the bird sits on; and lastly, green pieces for the leaves.
6. Begin to glue down all the felt pieces onto one of the blue pieces of felt. Start with the bottom layers, such as the branch and the leaves, working your way up to the top layers, such as the beak and the wings.
7. Pin both pieces of blue felt together again. Stitch the two pieces of felt together. Remove all sewing pins.
8. Sew a button onto one end of the coffee cozy.
9. Cut off a small section of elastic cord and create a loop, knotting off the end. Attach to the underside of the coffee cozy, opposite to the side with the button, with a needle and thread.
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