Not sure what to do with a mason jar and its top? Create a delicate centerpiece

Some crafts involving mason jars suggest you throw away the lid or only use part of it. If this has always seemed like a waste, here's a craft for a mason jar that uses all its parts, including the two-part, rim-and-seal lid.
Create this delicate craft and place it in the middle of a fall-themed table. You may also want to put it in a child's room or on the patio for a touch of outdoor decor. This decorated mason jar project can keep children entertained on a rainy day, reminding them of everything the great outdoors has to offer.
- Glass mason jar with a two-part lid
- Jar of metal acrylic paint, such as gold
- Smaller jar of metal acrylic paint in another color, such as silver
- Palette
- Paintbrush
- Painter's tape
- A piece of parchment paper
- Small bunch of silk leaves
- Small bunch of different silk leaves
- Small toy animal that lives in the woods, such as a deer
- Small bunch of store-bought moss (Real moss can contain small bugs.)
- Dozen small river rocks in different colors
- Hot glue gun
- Ribbon as wide as the rim of the mason jar lid, such as green
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Paint the outside edges of the first bunch of fake leaves one of the metal acrylic colors. Set them aside to dry.
2. Pour a bit of the second metal acrylic paint color onto the palette. Cover the small toy animal with the paint. Let it dry.
3. Place the parchment paper on the workspace. Wind a piece of painter's tape all the way around the mason jar about one-third of the way up from the bottom.
4. Paint the lower third of the jar with the same color metal acrylic paint used on the toy animal. Let it dry.
5. Remove the seal from the rim of the jar, and place it flat on the table. Glue the moss to the seal, adding more glue as necessary. Try to still keep it looking fluffed like it would be if it was outside.
6. Glue two of the river rocks to the seal on top of the moss.
7. Glue the painted leaves to the seal. You might have to glue them in two places, so they don't hang off the top of the lid. Glue down the stems before the leaves, and curl the leaves around the top of the seal.
8. Repeat step 7 with another type of silk or plastic leaves.
9. Add glue to the bottoms of the toy animal's feet, and press the feet down in the middle of the nature scene on top of the seal.
10. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the rim of the mason jar's lid once.
11. Add hot glue to the side of the rim, and press the ribbon down onto the rim. Wind the ribbon around the lid, and add a little more glue to the lid to secure the ribbon to the rim. Trim the ribbon if necessary.
12. Paint the ribbon lightly with the same metal color used on the edges of the leaves to give it a metallic sheen. Set aside and let dry.
13. Once the rim is dry, add hot glue to the top edge of the rim, and glue the river rocks down to the rim, so they travel all the way around the top. The rocks can overlap the rim slightly.
14. Make sure the paint on the mason jar is dry. Remove the painter's tape, carefully place the rim over the top of the seal and screw the lid into place.