7+ tips to follow for amazing product photography

Product photography is a great way to make extra money or turn into a full-time career. To get there, you must be able to know certain tricks to make the products stand out in photos. Here are 7+ tips to follow for amazing product photography.
Photographs of products can encourage or discourage sales, counting on how the shots were taken. To become a high in demand product photographer, keep the below tips in mind next time you get a product photography gig.
1. Good camera
Invest in a great camera if you are getting into product photography. Get a high quality camera such as a DSLR. There are plenty of options available on DSLRs to help your produce great product photos.
2. Macro setting
Using the macro setting on your camera will work great for smaller products, such as jewelry. Tiny details can be picked up in macro. Investing in a macro lens is a great idea if you are planning on taking pictures of small objects.
3. Flash diffuser
A flash diffuser is great to use if you want to soften up a harshly lit scene. The light will evenly cover a product with a flash diffuser. The lighting will also look more natural, to bring out the best in the product.
4. White background
Most products work best with a white background. You can get an infinity cove so that the background looks like it never ends. With a white background the focus of the photos stays on the products, which is where the focus should be at all times.
5. Lighting
Lighting is so important in photography, including product photos. Products can be shown in harsh light or soft light. Take plenty of both to see what type of light best shows off the product.
6. No filters
While filters are a great addition to many photos, its best not to use one on product photos. You want to make sure your lighting is great without taking away any of the quality of the product shown in the photos. Change filters during post production.
7. Bokeh
Bokeh is great to use with lifestyle products. The products can be placed in the foreground while the background is softly blurred. This type of photo would be a good idea to use to highlight a product on a website.
8. Post processing
Give yourself plenty of time to get to know Photoshop and other software to further edit your product photos. Remember that you want to show off the products in the best way possible. You may want to further change the lighting or brighten up the colors during post processing.
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