Capture the true beauty of wildlife with these 7+ photography tips

Wildlife photography is an exciting way to show off your photography skills. You don't necessarily have to go to the wilds of Africa as long as you know where to look for wild animals in your area. Capture the true beauty of wildlife with these 7+ photography tips.
Wildlife photography can be a very rewarding photography niche to get into. You want to practice and get to know the basics of what to do to photograph wildlife correctly. Below are some things to keep in mind when shooting wildlife photos.
1. Your camera
Know your camera well enough to quickly switch modes around when needed. You might start taking shots of an animal standing still when it suddenly starts running. You want to know your camera's settings well enough to switch things around quickly when needed.
2. Subject material
Study the animals you want to photograph so that you can get to know what they will do before they even do it. You don't want to miss a great pose or action scene if you can find a way to predict what your subject will do. This will require a lot of patience as you are starting out your journey as a wildlife photographer.
3. Multiple subjects
Multiple subjects can be great to shoot since having more than one animal can liven up a scene. Take plenty of shots of the animals interacting together to come up with some great compositions.
4. Lighting
Try to shoot during the golden hours of the day when starting out. These are the hours during sunrise and sunset. When the day is overcast, anytime is fine to shoot since the harsh sunlight is hidden by the clouds. Once you know your camera well enough you can work around the light, even on harsh days.
5. Get on the ground
Shoot while on the ground to get a view from the animals' points of view. Getting on the ground will also change the point of view when the viewer sees the subject from the animal's point of view. Perspectives can be changed when you are on the ground as well, so try to take plenty of shots from this angle.
6. Wide shots
Many wildlife photographers try to shoot with as long a lens as possible. Try going for wide shots to show where the animal lives. Also try to get as close as possible to get some interesting close ups while mixing up the composition.
7. Rule of thirds
There are many rules of photography that are good to follow when starting out. One of these is the rule of thirds, where you place your subject in one of the thirds of your composition. You can often break these rules after a while to add interest to your shots as well.
8. Waiting
Since you are photographing wild animals that are unpredictable, you may have to wait long periods of time to get the perfect shot. This is a great time to get to know your camera's settings and other equipment you brought. Also, don't forget to enjoy your time outdoors taking shots of wildlife.

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