This mason jar wall decor will be one of the most useful accessories in your home

This DIY wall decor might be the most versatile way to use mason jars. Mason jars filled with Spanish moss, seashells and other beachy accessories are an easy way to complement a nautically-decorated living room. Make a set of jars and plant herbs in each one, then hang them in the kitchen so that you always have fresh basil, chives or rosemary within easy reach. You could even leave the jars empty and hang them next to a crafting station for a beautiful way to store craft supplies.
This project calls for a wood plank, which you may want to prep with a dark stain before beginning. Consider using reclaimed wood from an old pallet to keep your cost of materials down, then use paint colors you already have on hand to add decorative accents. While it does not matter what colors you use on the wood, you may want to match one of the colors with the plant bracket of your choice so that the completed piece has a cohesive look.
- Wood plank
- White acrylic paint
- Gold metallic paint
- Small paintbrush
- Painter’s tape
- White plant bracket
- Pencil
- Electric drill
- Drill bit
- Phillips-head bit
- Short Phillips-head screws, 2
- Copper craft wire
- Wire cutters
- Quart mason jar
- Needle-nose pliers
- Spanish moss
- Assorted seashells
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1. Place a wood plank on the work surface. Paint the bottom 6 inches of the plank white. Opt for an uneven coat to achieve a shabby-chic style. Allow the paint to dry.
2. Use painter’s tape to make a stripe along the top edge of the white paint. You’ll need two pieces of painter’s tape. Place one slightly below the edge of the white paint and the other slightly above. Paint the space between the two pieces of tape with gold paint. Allow it to dry.
3. Position a plant bracket on the unpainted part of the wood. Mark the screw holes with a pencil. Drill guide holes into the marks with the drill bit.
4. Position the bracket on top of the guide holes. Screw into place using the screws and Phillips-head bit.
5. Cut a piece of wire that is about 2 or 3 feet long. Begin wrapping the wire around the neck of a mason jar. After wrapping the neck two or three times, bend a loop into the wire so that you can hang the jar from the bracket. Wrap the remaining wire around the neck, then use the needle-nose pliers to fasten off the end around the loop.
6. Place a clump of Spanish moss into the jar. Top with a handful of seashells.
7. Hang the wood plank on the wall. Hang the mason jar from the bracket. Enjoy!

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