Learn all about street photography when you check out these helpful tips

One of the many things that is great about photography is that it can be done just about anywhere. Street photography is one way to take advantage of the freedom photography has. Learn all about street photography when you check out these helpful tips.
What is street photography? Street photography is capturing normal, everyday life in photos. You don't necessarily have to be on a busy street, but somewhere that contains many people.
1. Common objects
Make common street objects interesting by taking shots of them. Rearrange objects for interesting compositions. Take detailed shots of objects to make your viewers guess on what the object is.
2. Contrast
Add contrasting elements or subjects to create juxtaposition in your photographs. Find two objects of subjects that are opposite to each other. This could be a happy person near a sad one, or people with contrasting outfits in the same composition.
3. Flash
The best time to shoot is during the golden hours, during sunset and sunrise. Sometimes, you may not be able to shoot at these times. Use the flash to make your subject stand out from the rest of the shot. Try to use flash only during the day when its less noticeable by others.
4. Negative space
Use negative space to keep the focus on the subject of your photos. Using shadows is a great way to add negative space to your shots. Shoot during the golden hours and emphasize the shadows during post processing.
5. Details
Instead of shooting an entire scene, take shots of the details in a scene. Using only details will cause the viewer to want to see more of what's going on. Try taking shots only of a subject's face or hands.
6. Eye contact
Getting a subject to look directly at the camera while you shoot adds more drama and emotion to the image. Start shooting a subject until they notice you and look right at you. Keep shooting to get some great images with direct eye contact.
7. Lines
Shoot lines in a way to draw the viewer into your shot. You can find a bunch of lines in the city, on buildings, streets, trees, and other objects. You can create interesting compositions just by using lines in your street photography.

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