This mason jar soap dispenser reduces waste in style

Looking for a clever way to use a mason jar? This DIY soap dispenser is a stunning step up from disposable soap dispensers. Not only will it cut down on plastic waste, but the options for customization are nearly endless, so you can create a dispenser that perfectly pairs with your bathroom’s existing decor.
The dispenser in this project uses gold with blue and green paint to create a pleasing blend of colors that look beautiful next to a house plant. The small stones add earthy tones and texture that help balance out the paint choices. Instead of stones and the colors used in the tutorial, consider using paint and accessories you already have to cut costs. You also could experiment with designs and materials to create a dispenser with a different style altogether, such as clean and classic or art deco.
- Half-pint mason jar with lid and band
- Protective paper
- Gold metallic paint
- Small paintbrush
- Plastic paint palette
- Blue acrylic paint
- Green acrylic paint
- Small pebbles
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot-glue sticks
- Soap dispenser replacement pump
- 2 spring clamps
- Wood plank
- Marker
- Electric drill
- Hole saw bit, 1/2-inch diameter or the diameter of the soap dispenser pump
- Scissors
- E6000 glue
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the lid and band from the jar. Set them aside.
2. Put a piece of paper on the work surface to protect it, and paint the outside of the jar gold, below the neck. (You’ll eventually put the band and lid back on.) Allow the paint to dry.
3. Squirt a small amount of blue and green paint onto the palette.
4. Mix a bit of blue and green paint. Create an ombre effect by stippling the paint along the bottom of the jar and up one side. Experiment with color placement until you achieve the look you desire.
5. Hot glue small pebbles in the middle of the outside edge of the jar’s metal band. Continuing applying pebbles until the band has a complete circle of the rocks.
6. Clamp the lid to a wood plank. Mark the center of the lid, and drill a hole into the mark using the hole saw.
7. Hold the tube from the pump next to the jar, and mark where the bottom of the tube should be. Cut off any excess tubing. Put the tube inside the bottom of the pump.
8. Slide the pump through the hole in the top of the lid.
9. Glue the bottom of the pump to the edges of the hole in the lid with E6000 glue. Consult the directions on the package for drying times.
10. When the glue has dried, place the lid on the jar, and screw the band on top.