Missing spring? Make this sunshiny mason jar into a reminder of the season

We understand. Fall certainly isn't everyone's favorite season. We know many people are longing for the moment when the days get longer, when the air is warm and when flowers bloom aplenty. You can bring this look to your living room, dining table or anywhere else in your home with our spring decor mason jar.
Set up this jar as a lovely vase to hold a bouquet of fresh, spring flowers. Or you can fill it with spring-appropriate scents in the form of potpourri. Whatever you decide to use it for, allow this jar to remind you that spring is right around the corner, no matter what!
- A semi-squat, wide-rimmed, glass mason jar with a lid that has two separate parts
- Painter's tape
- Plastic palette for holding paint
- Bottle of festively-colored paint for spring (We chose a pale, pastel purple.)
- Paintbrush
- Hot glue gun
- Ribbon that will go well with the paint (We chose a dark purple.)
- Scissors
- Rhinestones with adhesive backs
- Tweezers
- A small bowl of silk flowers without their stems (We chose multicolored roses.)
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the lid from the mason jar, and set it aside. Place a piece of painter's tape on the jar about one-third of the way up. Wrap it all the way around the jar in a circle, then tear it off the tape dispenser.
2. Place a dollop of paint on your palette. Use the paintbrush to paint the bottom third of the mason jar a festive, spring color. Let dry.
3. While your mason jar dries, remove the seal from the rim of your jar's lid. Make sure the ribbon is the same width as the rim of the jar. Use the hot glue gun to glue the ribbon down on the outside of the rim. Then unwind the ribbon so that it goes all the way around the rim. Cut the ribbon when it meets the other side, and glue the last piece down on top so none of the silver shows through on the outside of the rim.
4. Use the tweezers to remove the rhinestones from their plastic backing. Place them gently onto the ribbon in a consistent pattern, so they go all the way around the rim of the jar.
5. Once the paint on the mason jar is dry, remove the painter's tape. Use the hot glue gun to place glue where the paint meets the unpainted glass on the outside of the mason jar. Glue the flower blossoms to the jar all the way around. We also recommend gluing three or four flowers in a bunch right at the front of the jar.
6. Screw the rim back onto the jar without the seal. Now, you have a beautiful spring mason jar you can use to store flowers, potpourri, paintbrushes or anything else that reminds you of spring!