How to make mason jar garden lanterns

Mason jar lanterns are one of the most easy, affordable, and effective ways to add cozy lighting to an outdoor space. Whether you're enjoying a sip of wine on the patio alone or inviting a whole group of people over for an outdoor barbecue, you can light up the garden with that perfect glow. They conjure up images of lightning bugs, starry summer skies and candlelit picnics.
Mason jars are durable, so you can easily enjoy them all season long. In this project, you can learn how to give them a contemporary look by adding metallic details. First, you'll paint the jars silver. Then you'll add copper-colored aluminum wire for a handle. The combination of shiny metal and thick glass gives you a modern design that you'll be proud to hang in your outdoor space.
- Mason jar
- Masking tape
- Metallic craft paint (silver)
- Paintbrush
- Aluminum craft wire (copper)
- Wire cutter
- Pliers
- Rocks
- Small candle
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1. Remove top from mason jar, but save it to use later.
2. Apply a strip of masking top horizontally around the mason jar, leaving the bottom third of the jar revealed beneath its bottom edge. You will be painting the bottom of the jar, and this tape gives you a straight edge for that paint.
3. Paint the bottom half of the jar with silver metallic paint. You may wish to apply several coats so that it has a polished look.
4. Remove the masking tape and discard it.
5. Replace the top of the mason jar (only the rim, not the inner seal).
6. Use wire cutters to cut a piece of aluminum craft wire that is approximately 12" long.
7. Wrap the wire tightly around the mason jar, horizontally directly beneath the bottom of the jar's lid. Wrap it approximately three times around.
8. Bend the remaining wire into an inverted U-shape that crosses over the top of the jar. This is your handle.
9. Wrap the wire around the jar one more time to secure it. As you do, it should wrap back around the spot where you first created the handle.
10. Cross the wire over that spot, then snip it with the wire cutters leaving about one inch remaining.
11. Use pliers to twist the remaining inch together with the handle.
12. Place small rocks in the bottom of the jar.
13. Place a small candle on top of the rocks.
14. Light, hang, and delight in your creation.