7+ tips to follow to help avoid camera shake

Every photographer makes the mistake of shooting blurry photos. What are the best ways to prevent camera shake? Here are 7+ tips to follow to help avoid camera shake.
There are several reasons why camera shake may occur when you are trying to take photographs. Let's look at some reasons why and how to prevent them from happening below.
1. Tripod
Invest in a sturdy tripod. These are great at keeping cameras steady, producing sharp photos. Use a tripod when needed and until you are comfortable holding the camera steady.
2. Fast shutter speed
Using a faster shutter speed will also cut down on the chances the image will end up blurry. Make use of the exposure triangle to increase the shutter speed. Give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable using a fast shutter speed.
3. Flash
Using flash helps with shutter speed, which can prevent camera blur. Get as close as you can to your subject and shoot. You can also use ambient lighting with a faster shutter speed.
4. Gripping camera
How you hold your camera can also determine if the image will end up blurry. Hold the camera with both hands steadily. Keep your arms close to your body to keep the camera still as well.
5. Steady yourself
Use an object, such as a tree or wall, to lean against when shooting. Placing your camera on an object will also help reduce camera shake. If you don't have a tripod handy, check out your surroundings to see what you can us to lean on or place the camera on to take sharp photos.
6. Image stabilization
Some lenses come with image stabilization, which can help reduce camera shake. Using an image stabilization lens allows you to take hand-held shots at slower shutter speeds. Keep the camera steady in your hand or the lens won't be as effective.
7. Quick shots
Take several shots in a row. One of these is bound to be sharp. You will take a lot of blurry photos, but this can also help you practice looking for sharp images and find ways to hold your camera steady.
8. Shutter release
Pressing the shutter button can result in a blurry photo. Only press down halfway, then softly press it down all the way. How you breathe can help reduce camera shake while taking photos. Take a deep breath, let about half out, then press down on the shutter button.

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