How to make an ottoman with an old drawer

An ottoman is an effective way to add decor to any room, provide a place to put your feet up and even serve as extra seating when space gets tight. In this DIY project, an ottoman is made from an old dresser drawer with stunning results.
With a few touches such as paint, pretty knobs and a fabric top, you can have a new piece of furniture. Check out the video and instructions to see how you can get started on this ottoman made from an old drawer.
- Dresser drawer
- Screwdriver
- Sanding block
- Hand towel or rag
- Chalk paint
- Paintbrush
- Metallic gold paint
- 4 drawer knobs
- 2-by-4 at least 5 feet long
- Measuring tape
- Pencil
- Saw
- Drill and drill bit
- T nut
- Rubber mallet
- 4 wooden legs
- Wood glue
- Piece of foam cut same size as dresser drawer
- Fabric
- Piece of plywood cut same size as dresser drawer
- Staple gun
- Scissors
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1. Remove any old knobs from the dresser drawer. Sand the outside of the drawer with a sanding block and wipe clean with a hand towel or rag.
2. Paint the entire outside of the drawer with chalk paint. Allow the paint to dry.
3. Add gold paint to any detail on the dresser drawer. Allow the paint to dry.
4. Using the screwdriver, screw in the four knobs onto the front of the drawer.
5. Measure the width of the outside edge of the drawer and mark it on the board. Cut two pieces this size.
6. Sand the cut edges and wipe clean with the cloth. Paint the boards with the chalkboard paint. Let dry.
7. Measure and drill a hole for the t bolts 1-1/2 inches from each end of the boards.
7. Tap a t nut into a hole in the board with a rubber mallet. Screw the wooden leg into the t nut. Repeat for the remaining three t nuts and legs.
8. Apply wood glue to the edges and support pieces of the drawer.
9. Press the board with the legs attached to the glue. Repeat with the other board. Allow glue to dry before flipping over the ottoman.
10. Lay out the fabric, right side down. Place the foam piece on top of the fabric and lay the wooden board on top of the foam piece.
11. Fold the fabric onto the wooden board, stapling it into place, starting with the corners. Trim off any excess pieces of fabric.
12. Place the newly made cushion onto the drawer.

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