Improve your photography with these 6+ tips that will help you with sense of depth

If you've been in photography for awhile, you are probably looking for ways to make your shots stand out from the rest. One of the ways to do so is to add a sense of depth to your photos. Improve your photography with these 6+ tips that will help you with sense of depth.
Adding sense of depth in your photos is constructing a composition to make it look three-dimensional instead of two-dimensional. This helps keep the viewer interested in your photo. Here are some tips to help you add dimension to your photos.
1. Interesting foreground
Place something in the foreground to bring your viewers in and keep them in your photo. This could be an interesting array of objects or people in the foreground. If you can, have the objects or people at different distances in the foreground to show depth.
2. Frame the scene
Make a natural frame using objects in the foreground to direct your viewer to certain points in your photo. Framing the scene also adds depth to the shot and gives guidance to the viewers. Use what is already in the scene, such as large objects and buildings.
3. Lines
Adding lines from the foreground to background can also lead the viewer into your scene, adding depth as well. The viewer may also feel like they are moving with the lines into the photograph. Lines can be seen in natural and city locations, so keep your eyes out for lines and add them when you can to add depth to your shots.
4. Viewpoint
Change up the viewpoint in your shots to add depth. Get on the ground and shoot. Certain objects will appear larger from this viewpoint, with objects in the background looking smaller, thus adding depth to the photo. You can play around with the foreground from this view as well.
5. Portrait shot
Have your scene laid out in a portrait to get more depth in. Vertical photos appear to have more depth than horizontal ones, so use a vertical portrait shot to keep dimension in your composition. Objects will be seen in the foreground, middle, and background easily in portrait.
6. Layer objects
Overlapping objects in photos will appear to make them three-dimensional to the viewer. You can do this with a variety of objects and scenery. Adding texture and shade to the overlapping objects can further exaggerate the depth in the photos.
7. Wide angles
Using a wide angle shot can distort the scene, bringing in more depth. You can also move in and zoom out from the subject to create a similar affect. Try this out from slightly different views to see the difference in a particular scene.