7+ helpful tips you should follow for taking photos in the summer sun

Light is one of the important components in producing a great photo, but too much light can ruin a photograph. What if you are stuck taking shots in the summer sun? Here are 7+ helpful tips you should follow for taking photos in the summer sun.
Taking shots in the middle of the day is never an ideal time to photograph, but you can do things to make the sun work with you and not against you. Try out some of the tips below next time you find yourself taking shots in the summer sun.
1. Composition
Use a good composition to create your photographs. This will help enhance them and draw the viewer in. Use the rule of thirds to start with. Place subjects or objects on one of the intersecting third lines, while creating the composition around them.
2. Placement of sun
Keep the sun behind you when taking photographs in full sun. You will get a lens flare if the sun shows up in your shots, so be careful. Before taking pictures, make sure the sun is right behind you, then shoot away.
3. Rim light
The sun can be used as a rim light to keep the subject and background separated. When shooting a subject with the sun in the background, it will form a natural outline around them. Start by placing the rim around the subject's hair.
4. Low sun
The best time to shoot is when the sun is low. This means having your shoot around sunrise or sunset. The sun won't be harsh at these times, giving you the best lighting for your photographs.
5. Portraits
Keep the sun behind any subjects you shoot for a portrait photography session in the middle of the day. If the lighting is still too harsh, try placing the subject in the shade. Keep the background dark so that the focus stays on the subject.
6. Sunny f/16 rule
The sunny f/16 rule is an easy way to remember the settings for ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Have your aperture at f/16 when shooting in the sun. Have the shutter speed at 1/100 and ISO at 100, to start with. You can always change it to suit your photography needs at the moment.
7. Silhouettes
You can also take shots of silhouettes when the sun is low. Have the sun in the shot. Have the HDR setting turned off and press down on the Auto Exposure Lock button while pointing the camera toward the sky, just before lowering it to take shots.
8. Flash
You can also use flash to improve the look of natural lighting. A "fill light" effect can occur when the flash is done correctly in natural light. This will cause lighting to fall evenly on the subject, without any harsh light.

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