7+ photography tips if you feel you have surpassed the beginner stage

Have you been photographing long enough to no longer be considered a beginner? Then, congratulations! Here are 7+ photography tips if you feel you have surpassed the beginner stage.
Just because you are no longer a beginner photographer does not mean you are finished learning about photography. There are so many new things still to learn! Check out the tips below to continue to perfect your photography skills.
1. Golden ratio
The golden ratio is a centuries old tool for planning out compositions. 1:1.618 is the ratio used. It is similar to the spiral on a snail shell, curling onto itself. This ratio can be seen in famous works of art and in nature.
2. Long shutter
Create some amazing photographs using as high a shutter speed as possible. Use a tripod to prevent camera shake and to keep the shot as sharp as possible. You really have to know how to work your shutter speed to get this right.
3. Burst zoom
It takes some practice to take shots with burst zoom. Use a wide aperture and slow shutter speed. Take these shots in manual mode. As you press the shutter button, zoom in and out of the shot. You will need to practice this plenty to get it right.
4. Balance
Balance out your photos by placing objects in a symmetrical fashion. Utilize the shapes and lines found in your shot to balance both sides out. Practice looking for shapes and lines next time you are looking for photographs to take in the city or out in nature.
5. Bokeh
Bokeh gives a nice blur in backgrounds in shots. You can customize a bokeh. have your lens set at a large aperture. Cut out a small shape in the middle of a piece of cardboard, small enough to fit on your lens, with the shape in the middle. Start shooting with your own bokeh shapes in the background.
6. Space
You can also use negative space in your photo's composition. In many photos, the sky can be used as negative space, when used effectively. Make sure there are interesting clouds and patterns going on in the sky to balance everything out.
7. High dynamic range
Take high dynamic range (HDR) photos by taking shots of the same scene, but at different exposures. You will take a shot that is underexposed, overexposed, and in the middle. Combine all three photos post-processing for a vivid photo in HDR.
8. Speedy photography
Achieving high-speed photography shots requires really knowing your shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. Use a high ISO with a high shutter speed, counting on what kind of shot you are taking. Action, macro, and sports photography all require high-speed photography to achieve sharp images while moving.

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