Follow these 7+ tips for stunning macro photography

To get beautiful closeups try out macro photography. Many photographers specialize in this photography niche. Follow these 7+ tips for stunning macro photography.
Macro photography is great to use with smaller objects, such as flowers, butterflies, and other insects. Details on small pieces of jewelry can be shown off with macro photography. Try out some of the tips below.
1. Lens
Use the right lens to produce beautiful macro photography shots. A good macro lens to start with would be 100mm. 50 to 200mm is the focal length of most macro lens, so anything in between would work.
2. Tubes
Another piece of equipment you want to consider are tubes. You can get an even better close up with tubes. These are also a less expensive type of macro lens when used correctly.
3. Third hand
A third-hand works great when you need an extra "hand" to grip an object. You can reposition a flower with a third-hand. Being able to change out backgrounds with a third-hand holding the material can also be handy when taking macro shots.
4. Point of focus
The point of focus becomes crucial to macro photography. Changing the point of focus can cause the composition to differ, even if the subject is the same. Take shots of the same object but on a different point of focus to see the difference.
5. Aperture
The depth of field can be adjusted with the aperture settings. Use a small aperture such as f/16 or f/22. Give yourself plenty of time to test out the depth of field with such close-ups.
6. The right background
Have several different colored backgrounds with you to use throughout your shoot. You can change the look and feel of a picture just by using different backgrounds. Different details will be brought out based on what color and type of backgrounds you use.
7. LCD
Make use of your rear LCD panel to make sure your shots are the way you want them to turn out. Have some extra batteries on hand since viewing the panel can use up the battery quickly.
8. Patterns
Search out beautiful patterns that are on small objects and bring these out in your photographs. You can create compositions in macro photography just with patterns. Take different shots of the object and the object closeup, showing off it's patterning.