Take stunning portraits of newborns by following these 8+ easy tips

Newborn photos are popular with new parents as well as portrait photographers. Some photographers even specialize in newborn portraits. Take stunning portraits of newborns by following these 8+ easy tips.
Since you are working with a fragile subject, you want to be careful with how you handle and take photos. Check out these tips to get started taking newborn portraits.
1. Equipment
You just need basic camera equipment to create stunning shots of the newborn. As long as you know the basics of angles and lighting with some creativity, you should be able to produce great newborn shots. You can always change little things around during post-production.
2. Safety
The safety of the newborn should be the most important aspect of your session. Use common sense when handling and posing the newborn. Don't place the newborn on an unsteady object or have anything sharp near the baby.
3. Flexibility
Practice flexibility since you are working with a newborn who is on their own schedule. If the newborn cries or gets fussy, you will want to wait to shoot until the child is comfortable and happy. Keep this in mind when planning a newborn shoot.
4. Time it
The best time to photograph newborns is within their first two weeks. Newborns sleep most of the time during this time frame, making them easy to work with. Advise parents to wait to take pictures after the umbilical has fallen off, after day five.
5. Comfort factor
You want to make sure the newborn is comfortable or your session will be a long and rough one. An uncomfortable newborn will let everyone around him or her know by crying and fussing throughout the shoot. Have heating pads nearby and wear gloves if your hands tend to get cold.
6. Basic poses
Start off with simple poses with the baby. These include taking shots of the newborn on its back, tummy, side, and detailed shots of his or her hands, feet, and face. Save more complex poses for last, in case the baby becomes fussy and the shoot has to end early.
7. Props
Get creative with the props you use. Get to know the parents' favorite colors, what they do for fun, and other details about the parents and include this into the photos with props that relate to the parents. Look for props in your home to use or inexpensive ones that can be found at craft stores.
8. Soft lighting
Lighting doesn't have to get too complex with newborn photography. Most newborn photos use soft light. Your main light source can come from a large window. Use a reflector to fill in shadows. This will produce beautiful soft lighting that is ideal for newborn shoots.
9. Color
Find color combinations that compliment each other to use in the shoot. Decide on the colors before getting the props, since you might want to use the same colors in the props or at least use props that go with the colors chosen. There are websites available that show you want certain colors look like when put together for photo shoots.

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