Got some lace? Here are 6+ gorgeous lace ideas you must try

Lace is one of the most feminine materials out there, but it doesn't have to be reserved for wedding dresses. You might not feel comfortable wearing a full lace dress in everyday life, but anyone can pull off wearing a little bit of lace as an accessory.
Whether you love lace or are on the fence about this age-old luxury, these DIY accessories are simply too pretty to pass up. Keep on scrolling to discover some gorgeous, lacy inspiration.
Lace headband
This simple lace headband is guaranteed to lead to a ton of compliments, and it would work whether your hair was up or down. It's the perfect complement to any outfit and will certainly make you feel dressed up. Get the full tutorial here.
You can also combine different lace types for an unique headband style, as shown below by A Beautiful Mess. In the project below, three different types of lace is used to create a layered band effect.
Add lace to an existing shirt
It can be tempting to toss out old T-shirts when decluttering closets, but with this feminine sewing project, you can transform a plain white shirt from stale to stunning. Lace, a hallmark of femininity, adds whimsy without coming off as stuffy. Adding an open back also turns this into a summery top that keeps you cool while still looking classy. Get the full tutorial here.
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Lace bracelet
Dainty little bracelets can be a beautiful way to add some sparkle to an outfit, but sometimes you need a bolder look. That's where this lace bracelet comes in. This wide piece of jewelry gives a cuff or bangle type of look without the weight and it customized to the exact size needed so you don't have to worry about it slipping off your wrist. Get the full tutorial here.
Lace earrings
These boho lace earrings are almost as much fun to make as they are to wear. It's hard to go wrong with white and gold, but why not make a few pairs and experiment with bolder colors such as bright blue or pink? The sky's the limit! Get the full tutorial here.
Lace necklace
Believe it or not, this pretty necklace was made from pieces of a doily. This project is an ideal excuse to head to a thrift store and browse through the fabric or craft section; you never know what treasures you might find. Get the full tutorial here.
Lace ring
If rings are more your style, try making one of these lace rings. They're simple, fun and feminine – and they only take a couple minutes to make. You can bring any outfit from drab to fab with the right accessories. Get the full tutorial here.
Add lace to a scarf
Lace detailing adds a demure touch to this elegant yet cozy cowl scarf. You can make one as a well-deserved gift for yourself or fashion one for a friend just by gathering some easy-to-get supplies and following a few simple steps.
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Dressy collar
Feel dressed up no matter the occasion with help from a little lace. Adding lace to collars is a simple way to heighten any look. Throw your "new" shirt on with jeans for a more casual vibe, or dress it up for date night. The options are nearly endless.
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Patch up jeans with lace
The following idea by Tonya Staab showcases using lace to dress up some denim. This is also functional, especially if you're finding the holes in your denim to be too big for your liking. Lace adds a delicate touch to rugged jeans.
Upgrade a belt
The following project by My Little Nook enhances a leather belt to the next level with lace and waxed pearls. This particular belt pairs perfectly with a dress or cardigan. The lace provides extra texture and detail.

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