5+ stunning DIYs you can make with an old book

Thrift stores and used book stores usually have mountains of books sitting around waiting to find a new home, but many of them are destined to never be read again.
Most people don't read a book more than once, so instead of keeping them around, why not repurpose them? It might feel a bit strange to rip the pages out of a perfectly good book, but these DIY projects are worth it.
Origami butterfly (h/t Todolwen)
These delicate origami butterflies are so easy to make once you get the hang of it. You'll probably want to make a few.
Lampshade makeover (h/t Roundabout)
If you don't have space for a chandelier, how about giving one of your lamps a makeover instead? Put this next to your couch or wherever your favorite place to curl up with a good book is.
Leaf garland (h/t Nesting Place)
Theis leaf garland would be the perfect way to decorate for a book-themed party, but it's also a cute piece of decor that you could leave up all the time. You could even try experimenting with different shapes of cut-outs.
Book page chandelier (h/t Make the Best of Things)
This is such a pretty, inexpensive DIY chandelier idea. The light looks so pretty shining through the old book pages, and the random placement of the punched-out butterflies just adds to the presentation. Find out how to make your own version with the video below.
Decorative bottles (h/t The Wicker House)
These decorative bottles are such a good way to upcycle old liquor bottles and the pages of an old book. These would be extra-pretty with a fresh flower or two in them.
Pretty seed packets (h/t Magnolia Market)
If you're saving seeds to plant in your garden next year, you might as well store them in a pretty package. These would also make such a cute gift for anyone who loves to garden.
Paper roses (h/t 100 Layer Cake)
Fresh flowers can be expensive, but these paper roses are just as pretty and you'll never have to worry about them dying. Attach them to real branches as seen at 100 Layer Cake to enhance the illusion of fresh flowers.
Got an old bracket? See what it can do for your books
Put metal brackets to use holding up a set of books.
Don't ignore the old food tray. Watch how you can upcycle it
The video below shows how simple it is to transform a folding tray into a cute side table.
Turn cheap crates into a beautiful coffee table
Not only do you get a coffee table with this project but also display space. And because it has wheels, you can easily move it from place to place.
Use this stunning DIY glass technique and save over $100 (from the Pottery Barn version)
A few simple supplies help create a lovely colored glass vase. The video below shows the technique.

If you're looking for a fun way to spruce up your flowerbed or garden on a budget, you'll love this budget-friendly craft project.
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