This is what happens when you mix shaving cream and corn startch

Shaving cream is such a cool household item. It foams instantly, it transforms your face with a foam board, and it is awesome for doing science experiments. Check out these cool experiments that use shaving cream to teach science.
Shaving cream rain experiment (h/t Hoopla Kidz Lab)
It would seem as though shaving cream and rain would not go together. In this experiment, with a little shaving cream, food coloring and water you can create the effects of a storm cloud and rain in a glass. This is a fun, easy and safe experiment you can do at home with little supervision.
Shaving cream play dough (h/t Fimo Kawaii Emotions)
Play dough is hands down one of the best toys ever created, and now with only two ingredients, you can attempt to create your own version. You will need shaving cream and cornstarch, and remember no matter how good the thing looks that you make with the new play dough, don't eat it!
Painting with shaving cream (h/t Get Crafty Crafty)
This experiment combines science and art and requires only liquid watercolor and shaving cream. The experimenter/artist in the video shows how to make thick paint that last and create artwork. Watch the video all the way through before you start, and get help from an adult.
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