How to make a teacup bird feeder

This whimsical teacup bird feeder would be a lovely addition to any garden. You should be able to find an extensive selection of teacups at a local thrift shop if you don't have any of your own that might work, so the sky's the limit when it comes to matching your style and decor.
It's much easier to make this project than you might think, so you might as well plan to make some for your friends and family as well. Check out the video and the instructions to see how it's done.
- Plastic paint palette or lid
- Gold acrylic paint
- Teacup and saucer
- Small paintbrush
- Medium paintbrush
- E6000 craft adhesive
- Bird seed
- String
1. Squirt some gold acrylic paint into a spot on the paint palette or lid.
2. Decorate the teacup by using gold paint to cover the handle and accent any unique textures or designs with the small paintbrush.
3. Paint the middle ring of the saucer gold with the medium paintbrush.
4. Set the teacup on top of the saucer on its side with the handle pointing up, and fasten it in place with E6000 craft adhesive.
5. When the glue and the paint have dried, fill the bottom of the teacup with bird seed.
6. Loop a piece of string through the teacup handle and use it to hang the feeder in your yard or on your porch.

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