7+ DIY projects for anyone who loves cats

Home decor brightens everyday spaces, but beyond this fact, the aesthetic leaning of any room should speak to personal taste and style. What is treasured in life should certainly be highlighted in the home, and there’s no reason to break the bank while honoring a customized approach to decoration. For those who love their feline pets, referencing their adoration in style is easier than ever.
Simple items that are at first glance nothing more than excess in a craft drawer can transform into charming projects that celebrate furry friends while adding interior glamour. Some scissors, a hot-glue gun and extra fabric are easily repurposed to create everything from cat-themed coasters, pillows, wall banners and beyond. Add a feline touch to a key chain or craft a glittering cat silhouette -- all while paying homage to those important furry friends.
No-sew cat pillow
A little sparkle goes a long way in kicking up the glam factor when it comes to home decor. Some shimmery fabric can tastefully be transformed into a stylish no-sew cat pillow, perfect for any accent chair or couch cushion.
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Adding a touch of sparkling, feline style to any room has never been easier than this no-sew approach. Learn how to create a DIY cat template that requires nothing more than a hot-glue gun to craft a sparkling accent pillow.
Fabric cat wall art
Adding the ideal piece of framed art to the home is as easy as finding time to grab a pair of scissors. A shimmery fabric cat wall design brings some fun flair into the decor scheme in a short amount of time!
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Cat lovers will be thrilled to know it's as simple as putting a 5 x 7 picture frame to good use when it comes to highlighting cats in home decor. Learn how to transform a sheet of sequined fabric into a beautiful feline homage that can be framed and displayed on any wall or shelf.
Cat key chain
Cute and cuddly, cats hold the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. Keep a reminder of your feline friend close at hand with a cat key chain keepsake that's easy to make right at home.
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Keys have to be carried with you at all times, so why not give them a fabulous feline makeover by adding a DIY cat key chain? Learn how some felt, wiry whiskers and a clip are all it takes to keep an adorable furry friend at your side.
Cat coasters
Keep surfaces protected with a fashionable feline touch. Cat coasters are a fun way to incorporate animal design into the home while keeping tables stain-free.
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There's no better way to get the conversation started than with a set of cute felt cat coasters. Learn what it takes to create these adorable surface protectors that keep your table ring-free while adding a side of charm to your home. All it takes is some felt, scissors and a love for all things feline!
Cat mason jar
Capturing the essence of a feline friend using a mason jar is an adorable way to add cat-tastic touch to any shelf or surface. Easy to craft, a cat mason jar transforms a simple household item into a personalized accent piece.
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There's no need to get rid of those small mason jars lying around this time of year. With some paint, a sharpie and a hot-glue gun, a mason jar quickly resembles a cute cat, perfect for displaying around the home. Learn how to craft the perfect knick-knack container in just a few simple steps.
Cat wall art
Chic, stylish and simple, cat wall art crafted with beautiful beads gives a delicate touch to any wall.
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A few beads painted in glamorous gold paint and a simple feline design provide a perfect pairing to any wall in the home. Learn to capture the essence of a cat by crafting this DIY wall art that keeps the approach elegant and classic by focusing on a chic silhouette.
Cat garland
Cats are well-loved for their playful personalities, so why not let that attribute shine through in your home decor as well? A garland crafted with a frisky feline design in mind brings a charming cat-themed touch to the walls.
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Some styrofoam balls, colorful felt and yarn go a long way toward creating a charming DIY cat garland for the wall. Grab the hot-glue gun and learn the simple steps toward creating a cute accent piece that keeps the theme playful all day long!

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