How to make an ottoman out of an old tire

Ottomans always come in handy, whether you use them to put up your feet or as extra seating when guests come over. Buying a new ottoman can be pricey, but you can make this DIY version on almost any budget as long as you have a tire.
You might already have some of these materials, but it won't take long to gather anything you're missing. Choose any fabric to fit the look you want. You're probably excited to get started, so check out the video and the instructions below to see how it's done.
- Two thin plywood circles, one smaller than the other
- 4 ottoman legs
- Wood glue
- Screws
- Electric drill
- Sheet of plastic
- Disposable gloves
- Wood stain
- Paintbrush
- Paper towel
- Grid ruler
- Pencil
- Clamp
- Foam circle
- Fabric
- Staple gun
- String
- Upholstery needle
- Pearl beads
- Tire
- Wooden dolly
- Two colors of rope
1. Set out the ottoman legs on the larger plywood circle and use the wood glue to secure them in place.
2. Flip over the plywood and drill a screw through the wood and into each leg so that each is securely fastened.
3. Lay down a piece of plastic to protect the work surface and put on a pair of disposable plastic gloves.
4. Use the paintbrush to coat the bottom of the ottoman and its legs with wood stain, and use a paper towel to wipe off any excess. Set aside to dry.
5. Mark a dot in the center of the smaller piece of plywood with help from the grid ruler. Place six evenly spaced dots around the center dot as well.
6. Clamp the plywood to the work surface and drill holes through each of the dots.
7. Place the foam circle onto the plywood and cover it with the fabric.
8. Flip over the plywood, carefully keeping the fabric in place. Trim the fabric into a circle, leaving enough to fold up over the plywood.
9. Working in sections, fold the fabric over the plywood and secure it with the staple gun. Flip over the cushion again and smooth out any wrinkles.
10. Tie the pearl beads to the end of the string and use the upholstery needle to thread the string through one of the holes drilled in the bottom of the plywood.
11. Thread the string through a second pearl button and push the needle back down through the same hole to secure the button. Cut the string and tie it in place.
12. Repeat step 11 for all the remaining holes and set the cushion aside.
13. Place the tire on a wooden dolly and hot glue the end of a piece of rope to the inside edge of the tire. Wrap the rope around the tire by spinning the dolly until it's two-thirds covered, securing the rope with hot glue as you go.
14. Repeat step 13 with the other color of rope, wrapping it around until the tire is completely covered.
15. Place the wooden ottoman base onto the tire and screw it into place with the electric drill.
16. Flip over the ottoman and tuck the cushion you made into the center of the tire.
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