How to turn a tire into a hanging planter

Potted plants provide an easy way to dress up the interior of your home and allow you to hand select which of your favorite plants you wish to grow. By opting for a unique and interesting planter, you can achieve an even bigger statement.
With gorgeous succulents and the addition of some twine, the tire is transformed into a beautiful planter. If you have an old tire laying around, then check out the instructions and video to get started on this DIY.
- Tire
- Clamps
- Utility knife
- Bolt cutters
- Handsaw
- Sanding block
- Drill
- Drill bit
- Twine
- Hot-glue gun
- Scissors
- S hook
- Soil
- Succulents
1. Clamp the tire to the surface of a workbench, then score one side of the tire starting at the inner edge and moving outward using a utility knife.
2. Cut a slit into the inner edge of the tire along the score marks using bolt cutters.
3. Cut through the entire one side of the tire using a handsaw. Start the cut by placing the handsaw into the slit made with the bolt cutters, then work outward.
4. Sand the cut edges of the tire with a sanding block.
5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 on the other side of the tire, directly opposite to the first cut.
6. Clamp the tire to the workbench again, this time with one of the cut edges laying flat. Drill a hole into the middle of the tire, approximately half an inch away from the edge. Repeat on the other edge of the tire.
7. Wrap twine around the outside edge of the tire, then continue wrapping until there are approximately 3 to 4 inches of twine wrapped around the tire. Secure in place using hot glue. Repeat on the other edge of the tire.
8. Place an S hook through both holes near the edges of the tire.
9. Create loops in the ends of two pieces of twine as well as a loop in the center of the twine, all secured in place with a knot. Cut off any excess twine on the tails of the knots. This will serve as a hanger for the tire planter.
10. Place a twine loop through each of the S hooks.
11. Fill the middle portion of the tire with soil, then add your succulents to the soil.
12. Hang the tire planter on the wall.
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