How to make a twig letter

Premade letters are an inexpensive and easily accessible craft material that can add a personal touch to any room. These letters are often plain, however, lacking both color and texture.
In this DIY project, boring wood letters transform into fabulous nature-inspired pieces of decor. Whether you choose to craft a single letter or a whole word, this project is sure to look chic in your space. Check out the instructions and video to get started.
- Small twigs
- Paint palette or lid
- Metallic acrylic paint
- Small paintbrush
- MDF wood letter
- Garden pruners
- Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Squirt the metallic acrylic paint onto the palette and paint all the twigs. Allow to dry.
2. Lay twigs onto the MDF wood letter to check the sizing needed for each twig. Alternate the direction of the twigs so those on the serif of the letter are horizontal and those on the remaining portion of the letter are vertical.
3. One at a time, cut off any excess portion of a twig that hangs over the edge of the letter with garden pruners.
3. Place a strip of hot glue onto the letter and press a twig into the glue.
4. Continue measuring twigs, cutting off the excess, applying hot glue and pressing down into the glue until the entire letter is covered.
5. Let the glue dry completely before moving the letter.

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