How to make a twig mason jar candle

Sometimes, the best craft materials can be found right in your backyard, literally. Although using twigs as a craft material may seem unconventional, they provide a simplistic and rustic look, all without costing anything.
Finished off with a simple bow, this twig mason jar candle can bring a relaxed and natural look to your space. Check out the instructions and video to see how you can make this DIY project.
- Mason jar
- Twigs
- Garden shears
- Hot glue gun
- Decorative cord
- Scissors
- Wax beads
- Beaker
- Smooth-top burner
- Work gloves
- Wick
- Wick holder
1. Cut all twigs to the same length as the glass jar with garden shears.
2. Place a strip of hot glue vertically onto the glass jar. Press a twig into the hot glue.
3. Repeat step 2 until the entire jar is covered with twigs.
4. Cut off a section of decorative cord. Wrap the cord around the jar and secure with a bow. Cut off any excess cord from the tails of the bow.
5. Fill a glass beaker with wax beads and place the beaker on a smooth-top burner. Leave the beaker on the burner until the wax has completely melted.
6. Put on work gloves and pour the hot wax into the glass jar.
7. Place the wick into the hot wax and feed it through the wick holder. Leave the wick holder in place until the wax has hardened.
8. Trim the wick with scissors.
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