How to decoupage a candle with old napkins

Candles are an easy way to bring coziness to a room, but plain candles can look bland. With these decoupaged candles, you can add a touch of glam to any space in your home. Simply pair the candles with some fancy candle holders to complete the look.
If you don't have plain white candles you can easily buy some inexpensively, making this DIY project very budget friendly. Read the instructions and watch the video to get started on this creative craft.
- Napkins with marble print
- Taper candle
- Scissors
- Decoupage medium
- Paintbrush
- Mason jar
- Fishing line
- Mini clamps
1. Unfold the napkin and peel it apart so that the layers are separated.
2. Wrap the napkin around the candle to measure the length of the napkin needed. Cut away any excess.
3. Unwrap the napkin from the candle and cut away any jagged or crooked edges from the napkin.
4. Wrap the napkin around the candle again to verify it is the correct size.
5. Paint a strip of decoupage medium onto the candle and press the napkin into the strip, smoothing out any lumps. The patterned side of the napkin should face outward.
6. Repeat step 5 until the entire candle is wrapped in the napkin.
7. Paint decoupage medium over top of the edge of the napkin to seal it into place. Press down the edges of the napkin at the top of the candle, and paint decoupage medium to seal them into place as well.
8. Cut off a section of fishing line and clamp it to the opening of a mason jar with mini clamps. The fishing line should be taut.
9. Place the candle inside of the mason jar and allow it to lean against the fishing line to dry.
10. Remove the candle from the mason jar once it is dry to the touch and add it to a candlestick holder.
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