Give an old lampshade a makeover with burlap

There's nothing better than upcycling an old lampshade into a beautiful new piece of decor. It's an almost effortless way to spruce up your home, and this burlap lampshade craft project couldn't be any easier.
Buy an old lamp with a shade at a thrift store or use one you already have. The only other supplies you need are burlap ribbon, decorative trim and a hot glue gun. Check out the video tutorial and the instructions to see how it's done.
- Old lamp with shade
- Burlap ribbon
- Hot glue gun
- Decorative trim
1. Remove the lampshade from the lamp so it's easier to work with.
2. Hot glue one end of the burlap ribbon to the inside of the lampshade.
3. Wrap the ribbon around the outside of the lampshade, fold it around the other edge of the shade and hot glue it in place along the shade's inner edge.
4. Continue wrapping the ribbon around and securing it in place with hot glue until you cover the entire lampshade.
5. Hot glue decorative trim along the top and bottom edges of the lampshade.
6. Put the shade back on the lamp.
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