Cut up burlap into squares for pretty decor that lasts forever

A floral arrangement is a lovely addition to any table or room, but cut flowers die quickly and then must be replaced. A sustainable option that won’t perish is a fabric flower arrangement. Using burlap, you can make your own forever-blooming arrangement. Making your own burlap flowers is an easy project that will add an effortless and homespun touch to your home.
You will be using hot glue as the only adhesive for this project, so it is important to keep safety in mind to avoid burns. Pick out burlap and green mesh ribbon that will give you the option to experiment with leaf and petal shapes. Before you get started, take a few moments to look at pictures of your favorite flowers. You can mimic the shape of the petals and leaves from real flowers for a clean, authentic look. No matter how you decide to find your inspiration, enjoy the stress-relieving process and the outcome of your labor.
- Burlap ribbon
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Cloth stem wire, green
- Green mesh wire ribbon
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1. Measure and cut a square section of burlap ribbon (same length as the width of your ribbon).
2. Use your first square to cut out six more squares.
3. Take one square and apply a strip of hot glue along the bottom edge. Roll and pinch this bottom edge together.
4. Using craft or fabric scissors, cut the unglued top portion of burlap into a petal shape. This can be achieved by trimming the top corners in rounded lines. Set this petal aside.
5. Repeat this process five more times until you have six petals.
6. With your last square, apply a strip of hot glue along the bottom edge. Roll it tighter than the petals and round the top edge with your scissors. This will be the middle bloom of your burlap flower.
7. Apply a small strip of hot glue along the outside of the twist of the middle bloom and press one of your burlap petals against it, lining up the twists and folds. Repeat this with every petal, assuring that each petal is hugging the center bloom. With the final petal, push the bunch together and the bottom twist against the base of the flower.
8. Apply a dot of hot glue to the underside base of the bloom and push your cloth stem wire against the middle of it. Set this aside to dry and set.
9. Cut a rectangle of green mesh wire ribbon. Along one of the shorter edges, apply a strip of hot glue. As with the petals, roll and pinch the glue edge together and trim the top into a leaf shape. This should be an exaggerated form of the petal shape, longer and more pointy.
10. Apply a small dot of glue into the front folds of the leaf and press it against the cloth stem wire a few inches below the burlap flower and facing the same direction.
11. Fold your petals and leaf out and gently bend the stem wire into a subtle curve. Make a few of these in varying sizes for a bouquet of sustainable, always-in-bloom flowers that add a cozy and feminine feel to any room of the house.

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