How to make a coffee-scented candle

If you love the smell of coffee, you definitely need one of these coffee-scented candles in your home. It's a gentle way to perk yourself up when you don't want to brew a fresh pot of coffee.
Making candles at home is surprisingly easy, and it's so rewarding. Watch the video and read the instructions below to learn how to create a candle that emits the wonderful smell of coffee.
- Hot water
- Glass coffee mug
- Instant coffee
- Stir stick
- Candle wax
- Heatproof beaker
- Smooth-top burner
- Vanilla essential oil
- Tablespoon
- Candle wick
- Wick holder
- Heatproof glove
- Coffee beans
- Scissors
- Jute string
DIY Everywhere
1. Prepare strong instant coffee by combining two tablespoons of instant coffee with approximately half a cup of water.
2. Fill the beaker with candle wax and place it on a smooth-top burner. Heat until completely melted, stirring often.
3. Add a tablespoon of coffee and a few drops of vanilla essential oil to the candle wax. Stir until well-combined.
4. Place a candle wick into the coffee mug and use a wick holder to keep it in place.
5. Put on the heatproof glove and fill the mug with the melted candle wax, leaving an inch or so of room at the top.
6. When the wax has cooled enough to be semisolid, decorate the top of the candle with whole coffee beans.
7. Trim down the wick if necessary and tie a piece of string in a bow around the base of the mug.