How to make a travel coffee mug cozy

The key to a good hot drink is making sure it is, in fact, nice and hot. The downside? Although your drink may be the perfect temperature, it can be difficult to hold the mug without burning your hands.
Although paper coffee sleeves are an easy fix, creating a coffee cozy is not only a way to save on waste but also allows you to make it more personal. Check out the instructions and video to see how you can make this charming coffee cozy with just a few simple materials.
- Travel mug
- Cardstock
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Light blue felt
- Dark blue felt
- Sewing pins
- Hot glue gun
- White felt
- Brown felt
- Gray felt
- Red felt
- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Button
- Decorative twine
1. Wrap the cardstock around the travel mug and draw a band on the cardstock around the whole circumference of the mug to create a template.
2. Cut out the template with scissors.
3. Stack the light blue and dark blue felt on top of one another. Place the template on top of the stack of felt and pin it into place using sewing pins.
4. Cut around the template and remove the sewing pins from the felt.
5. Glue the two pieces of felt together with the hot glue gun.
6. Wrap the felt around the travel mug to verify it is the correct size.
7. Cut a coffee cup shape out of the white felt.
8. Cut a small oval shape out of the brown felt and place it inside the felt coffee cup to represent coffee.
9. Cut wavy lines out of the gray felt and place them over the felt coffee cup to represent steam.
10. Glue the felt coffee cup, coffee and steam pieces onto the blue felt with the hot glue gun.
11. Cut two hearts out of the red felt and glue them next to the felt coffee cup using the hot glue gun.
12. Sew the button onto the edge of the coffee cozy. Cut away any excess thread with scissors.
13. Glue decorative twine to the edges of the coffee cozy with the hot glue gun.
14. Cut off a small section of decorative twine and fold it into a loop. Glue the loop to the back side of the coffee cozy, on the end opposite to the button. This will create a closure for the coffee cozy.

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