7+ brilliant ways to upcycle an old PVC pipe

An absolute wonder ingredient for cute and creative DIY projects is simple PVC piping. Easily obtained at home stores, it’s cheap, plentiful and endlessly versatile. PVC pipe pieces can be spray painted, adorned with objects if a hot-glue gun is near, and trimmed to fit a wide range of craft project specifications.
From home décor accents and art pieces to tools for home organization, PVC pipe lends an industrial flavor to any space; at the same time, it can be dressed up to look like anything but what it is.
Craft caddy
Creative types experience the never-ending challenge of corralling their supplies into one place, whether it’s fine art brushes and markers, gift-wrapping supplies or scrapbooking essentials. Some PVC pipe and a few other supplies are all a DIYer needs to create this practical yet visually appealing tabletop organizer. Hot glue the pipe pieces to a Lazy Susan, and it works like a dream. Get the full tutorial here.
Desk organizer
The visually unusual feature about this desktop supply organizer is the fact that the PVC pipe pieces are placed on the wooden base at an angle. Each pipe piece can be cut to a different length and covered with contact paper cut to size. The tilted positioning of the pipe pieces adds a bit of sophisticated style, and the piece offers an easy-to-access landing spot for scissors, pens, paper clips, and other work essentials. Get the full tutorial here.
Laundry basket
It makes utter sense to supply every family member with their own laundry basket, and this project goes one step further: The fabric that is attached to the PVC pipe body can be chosen to match the color scheme and style of the space in which it will sit. This hamper can be used for other things in addition to laundry, such as toys or a sewing fan’s fabric collection. Get the full tutorial here.
Napkin ring
Maximize the elegance of the next dinner party with prettier place settings. These easy-to-make napkin rings can be painted to harmonize with china, flowers and the overall tablescape scheme. Guests will be impressed before the food is even served, and they’ll never guess that the rings are made from PVC pipe. Get the full tutorial here.
Towel rack
This project offers a creative option for those who don’t want to opt for the “same old, same old” metal towel racks for their bathrooms. Round up some PVC pipe and a wooden base on which to glue the pipe pieces, paint or stylize, and it’s ready to hang. Get the full tutorial here.
Wall art
This modern and minimalistic wall art looks expensive, but creating it was over-the-top economical. PVC pipe is the magic ingredient, and friends will swear that this piece was bought at an upscale gallery or artist’s studio. Get the full tutorial here.
PVC pipe lends a steampunk vibe to this tabletop lamp, and the Edison bulb tops it off. This project proves that form and function can be equally prioritized while adding a potent dose of style to a room. Get the full tutorial here.

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