Fill a picture frame with chicken wire. Here are 5+ chicken wire projects you have to try

Every crafter knows that some of the best craft supplies can be found outside of the craft store. The hardware store is one place to find unique materials that you otherwise wouldn't encounter.
With its honeycomb-like pattern and versatility, chicken wire makes for an ideal craft material that can easily be found at any hardware store. Scroll through these five chicken wire crafts to see how you can add a bit of rustic flair to your home.
1. Frame photo holder
With its shabby chic painted frame, this is DIY project is both simple and beautiful. Paired with black and white or instant photos, this photo holder can add glamour to any room. This photo holder also makes it easy to swap out photos any time you wish.
2. Cloche
Nothing says elegance quite like a cloche. Although you may typically think of them as a way to serve food, they look stunning as a piece of decor. Ideal for surrounding plants or other small decor items, this cloche ties in a bit of sophistication with its copper-colored wire.
3. Dragonfly
Whether you choose to add it to the wall or a planter box outside, this dragonfly is sure to add a touch of chic to your space. By using colored metals and stain in similar colors, this ornament looks professionally made. The honeycomb effect of the chicken wire even mimics what dragonfly wings look like up close.
4. Jewelry holder
You can never have too many places to store your jewelry, and this project gives you a holder that not only looks good but is simple to make. It's equally at home top of a dresser or vanity table, and the holder can be easily customized by swapping out the color of the chicken wire and wood stain. If you want to go for a bold look, consider painting the wood base with a bright color instead.
5. Cupboard door glass replacement
If you have an old cupboard or hutch, then you must try this. With just a few steps, an outdated piece of furniture can be transformed into something ready for any farmhouse-inspired home. The blue paint is a key element because it keeps the cupboard looking modern with its bright and fresh finish. Don't forget to select antique-looking knobs to tie the whole piece together.
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If you own a tiny furry friend, then you must check out this DIY pet bed. The pompon garland makes this pet bed so fun and adorable. The bonus? Because the cushion just sits inside the tire, you can easily remove it and pop it in the washing machine when you need to.
Garden planter
This upcycled chair planter adds a bit of rustic charm to the garden. You could use it to display almost any kind of plant or flower, but check out the succulent arrangement shown below. If you don't have space outside, this planter could be used inside your home. Just make sure no one sits on it.
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This ottoman is both adorable and charming. With its pretty pastel blue color and gold detailing, this piece adds a little bit of quaintness to any room. Pair this with a comfy chair and a cup of tea, and you have a perfectly cozy setup.
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