Bring farmhouse style to your kitchen with rustic framed silverware

One of the most trafficked rooms in any home is the kitchen; we cook there, eat there, kids do homework there, and it may be where some of the most honored traditions of your family are observed. A room with such an impact on your family life should have thoughtful decorations. A simple way to add heirloom-style personalization to the hearth of your home is framed silverware.
A bonus with this project is that two of the main materials used can be found at the local thrift store. Most thrift or secondhand stores have plenty of silverware in a huge variety of styles from many different decades. Take your time, and choose patterns that speak to you. For the project, the patterns on the silverware do not have to match since they will be spray painted. Also, be sure to measure your picture frame — also available at more thrift or secondhand stores — to be sure it will fit your silverware lengthwise.
- Plastic tarp
- Silverware
- Krylon Metallic Spray Paint
- Picture frame
- DecoArt Dazzling Metallics, “Mink Pearl”
- Small paintbrush
- Printed cardstock paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Elmer's Liquid School Glue
- Gorilla Super Glue Gel
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1. Find a flat surface outside, and cover it with a plastic tarp to protect any paint transfer.
Tip: Use rocks to hold your tarp down and keep it from moving during the painting process.
2. Place your silverware evenly spaced on the tarp in a straight line.
3. Using Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in your choice of metallic color, spray paint your silverware using long even strokes while holding the can about 6 inches away. Leave your silverware outside to dry while you prepare the rest of your project.
4. Take the back off of the picture frame of your choice, and remove any glass and matting.
5. With a small or medium-sized paintbrush, apply an even layer of DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint in “Mink Pearl” to the front side of the frame. Set aside to dry.
6. Take the cardboard backing from the picture frame, and position it on your choice of printed cardstock. A wood pattern will add a rustic feel to your painted silverware.
7. Lay the cardstock print-side down, and line up the edges of the cardboard backing with the edges of the cardstock.
8. Trace the cardboard backing on the backside of the cardstock, and cut out the piece.
9. Using thin strips of plain liquid Elmer's glue, adhere the cardstock to the cardboard backing, making sure to place the cardstock with the print side facing out from the cardboard on the side visible in the frame. Trim any excess along the edges.
10. Collect your now-dry painted silverware, and position them how you like on the cardboard backing. Use small strips and dots of Gorilla Super Glue Gel to fix the silverware against the backing.
11. Return the backing to the frame. Display your rustic silverware art in your kitchen or dining room for a farmhouse vibe during your next meal.
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