Don't throw out your wine corks. Save them for these chic DIYs instead

If you are a wine lover and drink wine regularly, then these crafts are perfect for you. After all, who doesn't like free craft supplies? Plus, you get to display your love of wine in the form of decor, which adds a fun playfulness to any room.
If you would like to add some wine-inspired decor to your home, all you have to do is pop some bottles, collect the corks and browse through these six amazing wine cork DIY projects.
1. Wine cork votive
Is there a better combination than wine and candlelight? Why not put those two together to create a beautiful votive? These gorgeous votives add mood lighting and a relaxed attitude. The best part? This DIY project is very simple and will take no time to make.
2. Wine cork coasters
Nobody likes rings on their coffee table, so coasters are a must. With this DIY project you can protect surfaces and add some decor to a living space. These coasters have a few pops of glam, with their silky purple ribbon and silver bead finishing touches. Want a more subdued look? Opt for coasters made just from the corks and natural colored rope detailing.
3. Wine cork photo holder
This wine cork photo holder seamlessly blends rustic and chic. The metallic red paint on the mini clothespins is a must, as it gives off rose gold vibes and matches the copper wire. If you want the photo holders to look more rustic, leave off the gold ribbon so the wine cork is more exposed.
4. Wine cork wreath
Perfect for a piece of Valentine's day decor or just to symbolize your love for wine, this DIY wreath is super simple. If a heart shape isn't your thing, make the wreath round instead. If you opt for a round wreath, consider swapping out the red and pink ribbon for other colors. No matter what colors or shape you choose, this wreath uses simple materials and is a budget-friendly project.
5. Wine cork succulent magnets
Succulents are pretty amazing, as they can grow in the craziest of spaces. Take these wine cork succulent magnets, for example. This DIY project allows you to add some pretty greenery to an often-ignored space: the fridge door. In addition to the kitchen, these adorable magnets could also be used on filing cabinets as a way to dress up an office.
6. Wine cork trivet
This genius DIY project ably balances useful and gorgeous. Instead of stashing this trivet away once you are done using it, leave it on a countertop or kitchen table at all times to serve as decor. Simply swap out the color of the picture frame and the color of the beads to match your kitchen decor.
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Pantry canisters
Got some old pickle or mason jars lying around? Upgrade them to chic pantry decor with the following project. This one will have guests thinking you spent a fortune at Pottery Barn!
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