Don't toss cardboard. Try these 10+ DIY ideas instead

Cardboard is one of the easiest materials to come by, but what's it good for, anyway? You might be tempted to simply recycle all the cardboard that comes into your home, but it's a much better idea to save it and use it to make a DIY project instead.
If you're stuck for ideas, don't worry! There are plenty of neat things you can make with cardboard, including everything from home decor pieces to handy desk organizers. Keep on scrolling to get even more great ideas from these short videos.
Cardboard letters
Monograms will never go out of style, but this is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to make a DIY version. If you're not a fan of monograms, don't worry. You could just as easily use this idea to spell out a favorite word or phrase. And considering how little these letters cost to make, you can change it up as often as you like. Get the full tutorial here.
Use cardboard for a circle weaving project
This is a kid-friendly project using yarn and a piece of cardboard. Spend some quality time with your kids too!
Create wall art
Add a pop of color to your room by creating abstract wall art made of cardboard. You can add additional texture by incorporating other material like felt or glitter. Get the full tutorial here.
Cardboard picture frame
Have you been looking for the perfect frame for a favorite picture? Look no further. This tutorial will show how to make a frame from scratch using cardboard, glue and decorative paper. This would make a personalized gift – and you could even include a photo. A bonus is that it costs only pennies to make.
Make a wall clock
How adorable is this wall clock? We love the shabby chic design but you can customize it to any design you want. You'll get pretty decor and functionality all in one. Get the full tutorial here.
Make a headboard
This simple headboard will make your room feel like home. Customizable to your tastes and inexpensive to make. Get the full tutorial here.
Cardboard pinboard
A pinboard is always useful, but it can be hard to find one that you like and that matches your decor. You can solve that problem by making one with this easy tutorial – it will show you how to customize a pinboard with any fabric you like. Better yet, you can make the pinboard whatever size you need it to be. Get the full tutorial here.
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Make a cardboard box castle
This is another kid-friendly project that is perfect for playtime fun. Afterward, your kids can entertain themselves, saving you time and energy. Get the full tutorial here.
Make drawer dividers
Organize your drawers with these cardboard dividers. You won't be opening a messy drawer again! Get the full tutorial here.
Cardboard jewelry tray
If you're tired of losing your favorite pieces of jewelry, why not make a cute cardboard jewelry tray to keep them in? This might be one of the most inexpensive jewelry holders you could make. Plus, you don't need much more than a piece of cardboard, some pretty paper and a hot glue gun to complete the project. Get the full tutorial here.
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Cardboard desk organizer
This desk organizer might look simple, but it will keep your things a whole lot more organized than they most likely are right now. If you don't have a desk, why not make one of these for the kitchen counter or wherever clutter tends to accumulate in your home? You won't regret it. Get the full tutorial here.

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