6+ vegetables that are beyond easy to grow

You probably already know that you should be eating salads that are created using organic produce. They're better for your health, but they can also be a problem with your budget. The solution: Grow them yourself. They become affordable, and you know they are organic.
If you're new to gardening, don't be too concerned. Most of the vegetables that go into your salads and side dishes are easy to grow in a backyard garden. While nothing is foolproof, these veggies come pretty close. Start off with lettuce, which practically grows by itself, and then choose from the following six, and you're on your way to better health and a satisfying gardening experience:
1. Green Beans
There are several kinds of green beans from which to choose, from string beans to shell beans. Some gardeners prefer the vine-type beans, while others like the bush types because they take up less garden space. Whichever you decide on, give them full sun and well-drained soil.
2. Cucumbers
While there are cucumber varieties that are perfect for fresh eating and others that are better-suited for pickling, they are both easy to grow. You can allow the vines to grow across the ground or have them climb a structure. Start out by building up a long mound and then flatten the top. Plant your seeds every six inches. Then sit back and watch them grow!
3. Zucchini
Zucchini plants are prolific growers. And they grow easily from seed. They prefer warm soil and require plenty of water. And because they grow so quickly, you can start them late in the season and still get 2 or 3 plantings.
4. Carrots
Carrots are easy to grow, but they might not grow very large if you have rocky soil. Although it's extra work, you might want to build a small raised bed for them. That way you are assured of deep, well-drained soil, and they will grow bigger. They prefer full sun but will also tolerate light shade.
5. Radishes
Although you can slice radishes into your salad, they can also be snacks, appetizers, and side dishes. They are easy to grow and take just 20 days to reach full size, so you can plant more as you need them throughout the season. They grow well in sun or partial shade and need to be watered before the soil dries out.
6. Tomatoes
You can grow tomatoes in the garden or in containers as long you support them with a stake or cage and give them lots of sunlight. The hardest part of growing them is deciding from a seemingly infinite number of varieties. If you're confused about all the options, start out with either 'Patio' or 'Tiny Tim.' These require the least amount of effort.

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