How to make a bowl with concrete

No need for an expensive mold in this concrete DIY project. With just a few common items such as a bucket and plastic bowls, you can create this gorgeous concrete bowl yourself. By adding copper spray paint to the wet concrete and gold paint to the bottom, this project gets a cool, mixed metal look.
Ideal for potpourri, flowers or fruit, this bowl can be a versatile piece of decor. Simply swap out its contents whenever you want to create a new look. Don't have any room indoors? You can use this piece as a planter to dress up an outdoor space.
- Plastic bucket
- Plastic measuring cup
- Concrete mix
- Water
- Plastic putty knife
- Metallic copper spray paint
- Large plastic mixing bowl
- Small plastic bowl
- Sanding block
- Tea towel
- Metallic gold acrylic paint
- Paintbrush
1. Pour two parts concrete mix and one part water into a plastic bucket. Mix together using the plastic putty knife.
2. Add metallic spray paint to the wet concrete. Mix together with the plastic putty knife.
3. Pour the concrete mixture into the large plastic mixing bowl.
4. Place the small plastic bowl into the concrete mixture, pressing down so the concrete spreads up the sides of the small bowl.
5. Allow the concrete to harden completely.
6. Remove the small plastic bowl from the concrete and flip the large mixing bowl upside down to release it.
7. Sand the edges of the concrete bowl until they are smooth. Wipe away any residue with a tea towel.
8. Paint the bottom of the concrete bowl with the metallic gold paint.
9. Allow the paint to dry before adding items to the bowl and setting on display.
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